Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oscars 2011 - Movie Haiku

To review, the Best Picture nominations were:

     Social Network
     The King's Speech
     True Grit
     Black Swan
     Winter's Bone
     The Fighter
     Toy Story 3
     127 Hours
     The Kids Are Alright

And now the 10 haiku, not necessarily in that  order.

* * *

This is just a dream.
So is this. And this. And this.
Ponder. Watch again.

* * *

Crackhead brother proves
dreams can come true, even in
Lowell, Massachusetts.

* * *

Canyoneer gets stuck,
misses party with hot chicks,
cuts arm off in rage.

* * *

Shy new monarch must
tell subjects: "We're going to
wuh... w-wuh... wuh... wuh..."

* * *

Day care! Bear-in-charge
seems nice; smells like strawberries.
Smells are deceiving…
 * * *

Don't fret if Dad's gone,
'cause in the Ozarks, you've got
relatives to spare.

* * *

Sperm donor wants to
collect on his investment.
Lesbians say, "No."

* * *

The Dude gets eye-patch
in Coens' Western remake.
Makes bowling tougher.

* * *

Girl gets lead, gets head,
gets paranoid, gets deranged,
gets applause, gets dead.

* * *

Budding billionaires
make website. Lawsuits ensue.
Sorkin makes it cool.


kristin_vyhnal said...

haha, LOVE!!!

Julie said...

You make me laugh! I am a little behind the times (we haven't had a date night in oh, at least 4 months!) but after your haiku's I look forward to seeing those movies!

Ink and Beans said...

Thanks Julie!

Adam Rabasca said...

If I had known I could have read these haiku to understand the movies, I might have saved myself a good deal of time...

Ink and Beans said...

Thanks Adam! Now you know where to look for synopses on next year's nominees.

Shivam Tiwari said...

I love this one -

"This is just a dream.
So is this. And this. And this.
Ponder. Watch again."


-Shivam Tiwari

Ink and Beans said...

Thanks Shivam!

sam said...

Brilliant. Favorites include: 127 Hours and King's Speech.

Novelty Pens said...

Thanks for the list. The King's Speech was outstanding.

Melissa Soderquist said...

I find it very interesting that you are so dedicated to these boys and I can tell that they mean the world to you. I hope that I will one day feel such dedication to an organization such as this. It's so great that you are able to send these boys to school and they are getting so much out of their different lives, I am sure. And in class tomorrow, I will be sure to introduce myself to Ozzy. You're right, it was incredibly rude of me. But thanks to that, I now learned about this.

Paymon Abtahi said...

Your haiku writing skills are very impressive, specifically it amazes me how you can get so much meaning out of a total of 17 syllables! Maybe one of these days we should do a haiku writing day in class, it would be very interesting. My favorite haiku out of the ones you listed would definitely be the one referring to Inception. There is too much going on in that movie, and it definitely deserves multiple views. -Paymon Abtahi

Ink and Beans said...

Thanks Paymon. A class on haikus? Hmm.... you've got me thinking.

Nick Arnold said...

This is really funny, and a good representation of these movies. I especially like the haiku's about the fighter and inception. I think in total I watched that movie 3 times in the theater alone. However, for the fighter "review", I think fails to fully show the whole story. I think it is mostly a story of redemption, on the part of both of the brothers. They both need to come back from something, and prove themselves in a tough situation, and the internal struggle is one of the coolest parts of this movie.

Ink and Beans said...

Indeed, you are correct Nick --- only I couldn't be expected (living in the Boston-area at the time) to pass up an opportunity to poke fun at Lowell, Massachusetts.