Monday, November 15, 2010

Applying to the Top MFA Programs: Back in the Saddle

This is mostly just a place holder, as Round Two is keeping me too busy to document my experiences as thoroughly as last year (probably a good sign).

But I just wanted to note that after my 2009 experience applying to MFA programs, and coping with my subsequent acceptance to none, I am geared up to make a second go of it.

I just re-read the mostly self pep talk I posted back in April, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that I have followed my plan almost to a "T," the three main points of which were:

1. Write two new stories in accordance with my amazing feedback from Driftless House.
2.  Re-invigorate myself by spending the summer in Africa.
3.  Take a workshop taught by Amy Hempel.

As can probably be ascertained by my writings from Africa, my summer adventure was everything I'd hoped it would be.  And I am in love, LOVE, with my class (and Amy Hempel).  But more on that later, including some unexpected turns getting admitted to (and then finishing) the class.

For now, I shall take my leave to continue working on my applications.  The earliest deadlines are December 15, and run through the end of January.  I'm applying to 15 schools this time, and the Michener Center in Austin still tops my list.  Wish me luck!