Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DJ Pauly D Does Me a Solid

Serendipitous timing that I just reported on my two year progress days ago, pointing out that in that time the blog had received about 25,000 visitors total. As of yesterday morning that total had, predictably, changed little.

I looked at my Analytics just now and saw that yesterday I had over 9,000 hits. Hmm, I thought to myself, this is the first time I've ever seen Google malfunction. What's the world (wide web) coming to?

But it was no malfunction. It took a little detective work to figure out the catalyst since the traffic seemed to surge from several sources... but much of it came from Facebook. A little more digging and behold: Pauly D shared the link to his Lifetime Achievement Award on his Facebook page.

[cue chorus of angels]

Just the nod alone would have been enough to rock my world. But 9,000 hits? And as if that wasn't enough of a bonus, Pauly boosted my Google cred big time.  Previously whenever I googled "jersey shore quotes" I was anywhere from number 8 to number 14 on the list. Now I'm number one.

You heard that correctly. For the moment, according to Google, Ink and Beans is THE authority on quotes from the Jersey Shore.

DJ Pauly D, I don't know about the effect your beats have on other guys' girlfriends, but you just made me c** in my pants.

Addendum: It's two days later and all is back to normal, both in terms of my traffic and Google rankings. But still, that was fun.

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