Thursday, December 3, 2009

World's Fastest Rejection

Since I was giving my short-story/adapted-epilogue yet another overhaul -- I'm using it as my writing sample for grad school applications -- I figured I might as well submit the latest version to more journals too.

Literary journals are not generally known for their quick turnaround time.  I've waited as long as 8 months to get a response.  But among the latest batch was Sonora Review, which stood out to me because it used a manuscript submission service I hadn't seen before (  Unlike other online submission tools, this one charged $2 a pop, not that it was such a big deal to me.  I uploaded my story at 5:17 p.m.

At 8:15 p.m. I got a response:

"Thank you for submitting your work to Sonora Review. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept it for publication at this time."

Whoa!  Are you sure?  Maybe you want to take a second look at it?  Perhaps you should step away from it for a while... just take a break, then return to it in a couple of weeks with a "fresh pair of eyes?"

I have to admit, the speed is quite refreshing -- well worth the two dollars, if you ask me.  Imagine if every journal were that quick?  But still, ouch.

The worst part is that they are clearly not sifting through piles and piles of stories if mine went straight to the top of the queue.  Yet even with this limited pool of stories my baby did not make the cut.  I feel like the little league coach chose to field eight players instead of filling the empty slot with my clumsy-and-inept-though-well-intentioned child.  Aw, come on, Coach!  Give the kid a chance!


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WanderingRighter said...

Why not write another story? Why not let somebody edit it for you and tell you where your going wrong? Is it better to have 1 story rejected 30 times or 30 stories rejected once? (I'm in the latter camp)

TheRunawayPen said...

Oh Jim! Your humor is such a comfort to me! I'm at the place where im starting to think about query letters and I am rather concerned about the mass rejection letters I am to recieve! lol!