Tuesday, December 15, 2009

After All These Years, the Jersey Shore is Still Good to Me

Would you believe that my compilation of quotes from the premiere of Jersey Shore has increased my blog traffic five-fold? Go figure. Though I suspect this will be a flash in the pan, and that the people finding my blog are among the least likely to ever come back, this response easily trumps my other popular posts, like Blue Ink vs. Black Ink or my endorsement of the Michener Center.

Since I seem to have cornered the market on Jersey Shore wisdom, I kinda feel obliged to continue my archiving efforts if only to see how much I can leverage it. With the one post up, I come in as the 8th hit when you google “Best Quotes from Jersey Shore” (27 if it’s just “Jersey Shore Quotes”). This positioning has brought about 1,300 people in nine days.

Let’s see if a second post pushes me up that list. Stay tuned for Episode 3, (I’ll get to Episode 2 at some point).

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