Thursday, January 29, 2009

Store and Share Your Fiction Online

Yesterday I learned that Yahoo! Briefcase --- the service I've been using to store my novel (and some other random documents) online --- is shutting down. The service always seemed pretty archaic to me, offering only 30 MB of storage and a rigid interface that never changed in four years, so I thought this day might come eventually. Truth be told, I sometimes wondered whether I wasn't the only person on earth using Briefcase in the first place.

Meanwhile, you may recall that I only just posted my first chapter excerpt a few months ago. Accomplishing this turned out to be an arduous task because, while it seemed like a simple and obvious feature to include. you can't store documents on Blogger. In this case, I wanted to find a web service, preferably free, that allowed me to upload a document and generate a unique URL address for that document, so that people interested in, say, reading my chapter, only had to click my link once and, presto!, my chapter would appear. At the time, the best option I could find was Google Sites. Better than nothing, but it required at least two clicks to get to any document I wanted to share, and the intervening window was confusing.

Hooray for SkyDrive! Store and Share Your Files.

Apparently I was looking in the wrong places. Within minutes of looking for a new place to store my private files, I found this article outlining many free options for storing and sharing files online.

I went with the first in the list, Microsoft SkyDrive, and so far I'm pretty pleased. If I install a little applet I can drag and drop all the files I want into a folder, then simply click an "Upload" button and away they go. Much faster than the Yahoo service I'd been using.

Also, if I place files in a public folder, I can generate a hyperlinked icon that people can click and go straight to the file I want --- no intermediate screens or clicks. Yay! Here's what it looks like (sharing both my first chapter and my short-fiction-submission-guide):


Monica said...

that skydrive looks really cool, James.

Senor said...

Did you try Google Docs? It's not Microsoft, so by definition much less evil...

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Dude, I called you out on my blog--last SUnday's post--read it, and see if you can take the challenge. You owe me for getting me addicted to Facehell. YOu know it.