Friday, July 25, 2008

Posting My Imagined Cover

Surely if my novel is published the cover will be designed by somebody who hasn't even read the thing, but here's what I have in mind.

I won't explain it away, but I do want to say that the red bordering was, in a way, a joyous accident, because in Photoshop I was using the gradient tool (fading the crimson into the flesh color) and to blend the segments together I mistakenly used the smudge tool instead of the blur tool, giving the red this very smokey appearance that I love. It's harder to appreciate when the image is this small, but it looks to me like some ancient, bloody scrap of parchment.

Hell yeah.

And I'm back to chapter 1, revising. Very interesting experience. More later!


Amanda said...

Intriguing! Is it Mr Underground or is Max below street level?

Ever closer to finding out!

Amanda said...

Jim, just swinging by to say Hi and if your mum wants to visit the highlands, she would be most welcome to drop round for a cup of tea! It's a bit of a hike from Ireland though - email me.

Not one to nit-pick, as you know, but there is still a noticeable absence of book excerpt...

J. Rosemary Moss said...

Hey Jim,

I really like your imagined book cover...I think the coloring is perfect (especially the way the scarlet-red seems to bleed at the edges.) Now what kind of lettering is on the front? What langugage is it--Arabic?

And where's that darned excerpt, lol?


Amanda said...

OK, now I'm getting bored. You've had two weeks of part time work and do I see new posts? Do I see book excerpt? No I do not. Enough said. Come and tell me when you've done it.

Senor said...

Happy 1 month anniversary (cough cough... since your last post... cough cough).

Oops, did I just do that?

For all those keeping track at home, Jim now just sits on the couch in his boxers for 20 hours a week as a part time TV watcher.

Oh wait, that's me, but someone has to play the ghost of Christmas future and scare you straight.

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...
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