Thursday, May 29, 2008

So um... what's new with you guys?

This is pretty much a placeholder, since I promised myself weekly postings at a minimum. I won't be finishing the novel by Saturday as I'd planned --- in fact I haven't worked on it in a week. Busy schedule? Over-researching? Spring fever?

A subtle reluctance to finish? Who knows.

Don't got much to say besides that. Lovely weather in Boston. How about those Celtics, yeh?


Amanda said...

Bonnie Scotland is indeed bonnie right now although a spot of rain today to water my veg patch.

We have new chickens and more ducks which have, along with a couple of broody birds, interrupted egg production for a spell.

On the subject of writing I have been too busy planting and living life to do my blog and as a consequence I will most likely end up doing a mega post to catch up. You, on the other hand, Mr gave up full time work to write, have no such excuse. Consider the whip cracked and finish your book!

Although, will you suffer empty nest syndrome once it's completed and out there? It'll most likely be an emotional time giving up ownership of it, after all, you can't take it back and maybe that's what's in the back of your mind.

pat said...

Well, I'm thinkin I agree with Amanda. No excuses, with no full time job, (why, I bet you haven't even called your mom since she's back from her vacation). OK, time to get on the stick and finish this book, I want to read it before I die, Love you soooo