Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Plan to Spend More Hours Per Day Writing

Writing the last chapter is going well, and my goal remains to finish the draft by the end of this month. Time to kick it up a notch!

So last week I met with my boss to request dropping down to part-time hours. She was very receptive --- I was guessing she would be but was still relieved. Now the request goes up the chain. Barring unforeseen administrative hurdles, I will be dropping down to 20 hours per week starting in August.

Of course, the plan is to free up more hours to dedicate to writing, editing, and promoting. To be more specific, my goals are to rewrite the early chapters, circulate the novel in pieces to my faithful editing team and work in their suggestions, learn how to shop the book around and then shop the book around, spend more time posting to and promoting this blog, and if there's any time left, dabbling in some new projects, finally.

I've actually had this plan in mind since December. The online events program I administer has been viewed as a great success, and I recently submitted an informal report demonstrating that the program has effectively doubled in size, with no additional investment of resources, every year for the last three years. My hope was that they would be eager to keep a good worker happy, and perhaps see it as an opportunity to hire additional help.

I'm also fortunate enough to work for an employer that is renowned for its flexibility. The staff at Harvard is thick with artists, who found themselves here because they could support themselves comfortably and still have time to pursue their passion. To give just one example, before I changed offices, I worked on a floor that had at least FOUR other people writing a novel. Clearly I was doing something right!

I don't have to tell you, the prospect of doing what I love for more hours of the day fills me with joy. Cross your fingers for me.

Related note: If you live in the Boston area, are capable and versatile, and need a stimulating job with flexibility and benefits to support you while you await the day when the passionate pursuit of your art pays for itself, I strongly suggest seeing what jobs Harvard has available --- great search tool (at the top right of your screen) to find suitable positions throughout the entire University. You're sure to find many like-minded people here.


Amanda said...

Oh WOW! That must be a moment similar to the one we had in giving up the rat race to crunch carrots in the country - how liberating it is. how uplifting and joyous a moment that is and was. Remember this feeling, capture it in your mind for it will carry you through the dark days, which will inevitably loom at some stage, until the clouds part.

J. Rosemary Moss said...

Gratz, Jim, on your soon-to-be part-time status. I think that's a great way to dedicate yourself to completing and promoting the book. Happy writing!