Friday, April 11, 2008

Writer's Blog Progress - First 55 days

Yesterday marked the first day that typing in "ink and beans" (without the quotes, mind you) made my blog appear at the top of a Google search results list. Exciting!

In addition, Googling "Jim Cooney" (no quotes) listed my blog as hit number 25, and googling "fledgling novelist" listed me at 151. This is mostly an emotional milestone, offering a little assurance that I am, in fact, making some sort of progress in terms of my Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

But my SEO is far from translating into increased visits to my site. My best day was March 31st, when an established (Google pagerank"4") writer's blog (where I regularly post comments) linked back to me in a post --- 33 visitors that day, 26 the next. Since then I've averaged 9.3 visitors per day, and it's a safe bet that on any given day, one those visitors is me.

For my newsletter I have the same 22 friends and family I forced to subscribe at the beginning, and the same three people (not including me) subscribed to my RSS feed. In fact, since I last posted two days ago, I'm no longer the top "ink and beans" hit. Google is so fickle!

I expected as much. I don't entirely understand the figures that come back to me from my Google Analytics report, but from what I can ascertain, even if I post somewhat regularly (2.5 posts per week on average) and strive to keep the writing high quality, visitors will not magically arrive at my site (via search engines, or generous unsolicited links, or what have you). My readers will come by my actively promoting my blog through other blogs, plain and simple, a task to which I've devoted a minimal amount of time thus far.

Just goes to show that the Internet does not solve that anticlimax of art creation, such that sculpting your masterpiece is only half the battle. The other half is getting people to actually experience and appreciate it.

I shall press forward, however, bolstered by the hope that I will soon have more hours to invest in giving this blog-thing some momentum.


Amanda said...

Hey Jim! I'm still lurking! Whe i get to look at my blog again I'll give you a plug.

J. Rosemary Moss said...

Hey Jim!

I love reading your blog--not only to read up on your adventures in writing and in the world at large, but also because I learn so much about blogging here! (Lessons which I am taking with me to my own blog...)

Gratz on your milestones--and I'm sure you'll be celebrating many more!

Andy said...

Jim, #2 on the Google-meter!!!

Big doins today!! Wa-wa-we-wah, King in the Castle!