Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Top Five Best Reasons to Start Writing a Novel

The first of what is bound to be an excruciating number of Top Five lists.

5. Girls will be more inclined to have sex with you.

4. You want at least a part of you to live forever.

3. You dislike so much of what you read and want to show these other schmunkeys how it's done.

2. You write constantly anyway, so you might as well focus your energy on one mega-project.

1. You want to see if you can.



Amanda said...

Still haven't found my inner novel and these lists aren't shedding any light on the subject. I'm still at the should I or shouldn't I? Who would read it anyway? point. The point of which I have only just passed to start a blog. Could that be the start of something? Or does that prove I should quit before it all goes too far?

PS Manic - my word verification is momabj, I kid you not! (see her comments for latest blog post)

Manic Mom said...

OK, so these are good, but I read the WORST reasons first thinking they were your best reasons! LOL... let's see...

I think I could probably find girls to have sex with me without starting a novel. All I would have to do is call up a couple of my really close gal pals and say, "hey, ya ready for it?" hee hee, KIDDING!

I think part of me will already live on forever, because I have children, at least until they die or no longer procreate?

I do dislike some of what I read, and *think* maybe something I write would be less than shittier than what is out there.

I do write constantly anyway, and it is just a spattering of mish mashy crap here and there; a one mega project would be nice.

I know I can; I've done one already, but I don't know if I can do the next one?

Good stuff to think about, now, on to the worst five reasons...

Doug said...

1-4: yes.

5: Hah! I'm still waiting.

(oh. wait. I think one needs to be pubbed first . . . )