Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jim Finds a Friend

...My first blogosphere friend, to be exact. Figuring that "donating blood" was something other bloggers might have written about, I Googled to find out, in the hopes that I could post in their comments and add a link to my own blog. This is the shameless, self-promotional part of blogging:

"Hey this id Amber, neat blog, check out my naked pics that crazy girlfriend took ofme!"

Turns out my search did not overwhelm me with blood letting blog posts, but I did find Manic Mommy, an adorable little lady who got just a little woozy after one particular donation... aaaaaand, wouldn't you know, is in the process of getting her first novel published!

She's been blogging for several years and it shows. Every post has dozens of comments stringing after it, and I'm finding "Manic Mommy" references all over the web. She's humble, warm and witty; a real hoot. And she's clearly doing something right.

Naturally, I thought if I hung out on the cool kid's site, maybe I'd become cool too. I posted a comment referring to my own donation experience. Wasn't I tickled to find a comment on my own post, from the Mommy herself, within just a few hours! First-time bloggers: There is life out there, after all. I found my first virtual buddy.

Incidentally, this site may be the next place I mine for other good writers' blogs, where I can be a bother. Not sure how up-to-date it is --- it has a web address for Manic Mom that she left in 2005.

P.S. How many of you tried clicking on my fake link to "naked pics?" Don't be embarrassed. So did I.


Manic Mom said...

Totally blushing!

Thanks! Hang around, and visit some of the other bloggers on my blogroll. And my novel is not quite in the throes of being published, but I keep hoping!

Thanks new blood-blog pal!

Amanda said...

Hey there fellow manic-got-me-into-this-blogger!

I'm no writter (manic thinks I am though, so maybe I just need to reach my inner novel!) but I now have a blog over at which she nagged (that is how you spell encouraged?) me in to.

If in doubt, blame manic mummy. Works every time!

courtney said...

Coon dog. sup. thank you for inviting me to your blog, it doesn't suck. I wrote the first part of something and seems I'm having a bit of trouble sending it to you? what is that? congrats on the launch bro!

Tanya said...

Wow, you made Manic blush? Thats so sweet. I was amazed by how big of a difference she made with her blood drive. It just shows you one person can make a difference.

Cecily R said...

If you can make Manic blush you have something going for know, other than that whole pretty great writer thing...