Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hello, World (dress rehearsal).

My third attempt at blogging --- but this time I've got a clear set of goals, plus a how-to manual to guide me. The manual says I should be blogging even as I am still planning my blog and launch, which makes sense, so here's my first unofficial post.

My primary purpose is to generate some sort of visibility in advance of actually publishing my novel. I'm hoping such a ready-audience will (1) persuade publishers to publish the book in the first place and (2) get the book into the hands of people besides my friends and family.

But I anticipate that connecting with strangers will be quite fulfilling, and serve as its own reward. Lord knows I spend enough time writing e-mails of little relevance except that occasionally make my friends smile and win me kudos. Last time I blogged I simply tried transferring these e-mail musings on, say, snow angels and recipes for sweet potato balls, into a forum everyone could see.

Probably there will be more of that. But I'll also be chronicling my efforts to get the book finished, edited, published, and read, which will hopefully appeal to other fledgling artists out there.


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J. Rosemary Moss said...

Gratz on your new blog, Jimmy! As one struggling writer to another, I'm looking forward to a record of your trials and tribulations ;)