Friday, February 22, 2008

Blogging is hard

Setting a blog up is as easy as advertised, but getting it any sort of attention (and knowing whether you are or not) requires more than just frequent, quality postings. I'm encountering many technical steps --- pinging, pasting analytics code, pasting widget code, submitting to to multiple blog search engines --- that, if you have no programming experience, I'd hope you'd find it as complicated and frustrating as I do.

Getting attention also requires a firm grasp of blogosphere etiquette, e.g. reading, commenting, and linking to other blogs. It's all challenging for me to wrap my brain around.

Integral to overcoming both these challenges developing a firm grasp of RSS and related "feed" reading tools. Ugh. When you blog, RSS is how you stay on top of current information in your domain, and presumably it's also how a lot of people will read your blog.

But honestly I don't know a lot people who use RSS feeds and news readers. And why are e-mail alerts not a standard feature on blogs??? Everyone uses e-mail, yah?

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