Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I began work on a novel in the summer of 2004. Now, in the prime of my late twenties, I near completion - phew!

Starting, then getting some momentum, was the most difficult - took nearly two years before I actually enjoyed (most of the time) sitting down to work on my baby. Now I approach another decidedly unromantic stage. After I subject my treasure to loathsome scrutiny and beg friends for suggestions I don't want, I’ll embark on a pride-swallowing campaign of self-promotion to agents and publishers with nothing promised but a bevy of ego numbing, demoralizing rejections.

In the event I do get published, I’ll transfer this energy to the reading public, so that I may save my work from a 500-copy printing and dusty bookshelf oblivion.

Though writing has long been a hobby I've never published, and figured my first foray might itself make for interesting reading. When I'm not writing, which unfortunately is most of the time, I work at a school of government organizing web conferences. Sometimes I exercise. The rest of the time I try to not neglect my friends and family, who have always encouraged what I do and are the lifeblood of both my inspiration and emotional health.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward VERY much to reading your novel. Like leave me alone for a few days everyone, so I can read it (at least once). I like your style and humor, l, m

TheRunawayPen said...

I have truly enjoyed reading your blogs. I look forward to reading your book :)

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